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Better Basics Goat Tying Clinics are designed to improve each student's skill and technique for faster, more consistent and competitive times in the rodeo arena.  

  Each element of goat tying is broken down and worked on separately so that the students develop an understanding of the desired movements and the importance of the correct technique. Instruction advances with the student's skill level to continually challenge and improve their performance.  

Clinics are open to any age, girls or boys. Clinics are VERY physically intense and use LIVE goats. Smaller goats may be brought for younger students so they can learn proper technique and be successful.

Clinic Schedule


The North Dakota Clinic has been RELOCATED to Watford City at the McKenzie County Fairgrounds.  . 

Click for complete schedule & individual clinic information. 


Lynn Smith

Lynn has made a career from goat tying as a competitor, clinician and collegiate coach.

Lynn is a strong believer in work ethic and that you get out of something what you put into it.  She conducts her clinics and coaching style of high repetition with mental awareness and intensity all in a FUN, fearless environment.  

Lacey Tech

Lacey is a former Better Basics student and college rodeo under Lynn's coaching for 4 years.  Lacey is the 2012  College National Champion Goat Tyer and has been assisting instructing with Lynn at clinics over the past 4 years. 

Registering for a Clinic

Complete the form, including your choice of clinic to attend and send a deposit to reserve your spot in an upcoming clinic.  Check back on the web as deposit status are updated weekly.


Tuition: please refer to clinic page regarding tuition.  Some clinics have sections according to age and tuition varies.


 $100 deposit is required in advance and the remaining tuition is to be paid at the beginning of the clinic.  


Release forms and agenda are emailed a week prior to the clinic.

YouTube Video Tips brought to you by Classic The Real Deal 

REALLY COOL & LOTS OF HELPFUL TIPS for beginners & advanced Goat Tyers!!!



Goat Tying Equipment


Strings: Made by Rattler Ropes. Nylon 3 ply strings. 

Rosin: Barstow Pro Rodeo; Amber Rosin

 Goat Tubes to hold your strings :

Instructional Videos

With Rodeo Video Inc, Better Basics Instructional Videos are available. 

Instructional Goat Tying Video

Instructional Breakaway Roping Video

NEW Advanced Instructional Goat Tying Video 

can be ordered from 

Tip of the Month

Get into Position

Getting into position is so important for having a good flank.  It's easy to start "cheating" and not get all the way in to the goat with both our legs, especially on goats that stay straight and tight on the rope. It's usually the left leg that will stop short and not get all the way into the goat's chest. If the left leg stops short while running into the goat it can cause you to reach which creates the following problems :

1. Reaching will cause you to stand up more, and not be low with your hips.

2.Your right leg will not square up all the way into the goat's belly.

 3. Your right hand will not grab low enough in the pocket/flank area. 

4. Your left hand will be late getting on the front leg of the goat

5. You loose goat control while the goat is in the air and have a poor flank, setting up for a difficult gather & problems with the ty.




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4x CNFR Qualifier

3x NIRA Champion

CNFR Goat contractor


College Coach


4 Teams Top 10 Nationally

11 Team CNFR Qualifications

3 National Event Champions



12 National Champions 

(jr. High School, High School & College Rodeo)

Numerous State & Regional Champions

Numerous National Qualifiers

Contact: Better Basics, LLC   3317 W. Leake Rd   Douglas, AZ 85607     email